You all know I absolutely love a good collab. I mention it all the time. It can be challenging but I find it has a number of rewards you won’t get any other way. It forces you to adapt your writing style to someone else’s and to consider your explanation and description as if you’re talking to someone in the room.

It allows you to have an actual debate or conversation on a subject but teaches you to format and edit it so people that weren’t part of it would still follow and understand. You can’t plan out your posts as your partner’s insights are unpredictable so it instills flexibility and fluidity to your writing. And it allows you to get some exposure as well!

However, there are some pitfalls and collaborations can become a burden if you don’t plan them out well. I’m no expert on the subject, these are just 5 tips I’ve picked up in my time to make things go more smoothly.

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which one are you?


5. Get to know the other person

If you approach someone through their blog, make sure to read a fair amount of varied posts. Don’t just go by the last thing they posted and the blogs popularity. You don’t want to accidentally end up collaborating with someone who has a completely opposite moral standing. Or maybe you do, that could make for interesting posts, but you should know if that’s what you’re in for.

If you’ve the one getting approached, do the same. Read their blog and about page. Ask questions. It’s very flattering to get offered a collab but that’s no excuse to not do your homework.

it's not as hard as it sunds
I know – you have zero free time

4. Evaluate your availability

This post or series is not like your usual stuff. There’s someone else counting and waiting on you. You’ve read the other person’s posts so you have an idea of the breath and format of their content, can you keep up with that? Don’t start a collab if the answer isn’t a self assured YES. You need to know you’ll have the time to take care of your side in a reasonable delay.

We all have busy lives, the other person too, so if your circumstances change and you’re no longer available, make sure to tell your partner as soon as possible so they can figure something out if needed.

citrus anime
wait, this isn’t what I meant

3. Communicate

I like to use Twitter dms for collabs but anything will do. Discord channel (also good), texts, line even emails is fine. Just as long as you don’t disappear on the other person. Answer whenever you can, check in, coordinate your take on the topic.

It doesn’t have to be long drawn out conversations but believe me, a Li communication goes a long way. A simple question with a few words for an answer can mean the difference between breezing through a post you love writting or sitting for hours in front of your screen wondering what to do next!

Anime confident
nothing wrong with a little confidence!

2. Know what you want

Link – I am of those that think light preparation is the key to success. To me the one most important thing is figuring out what you want to collab on and why. An essay on pro communist messaging in anime? Brilliant! Why are you choosing to work with this person on it. You don’t have to tell them but knowing in your own head is helpful in framing your expectations.

If you want to collab with someone first figure out what you want to collab on. You did the research, you want this thing you should propose at least a rough idea you guys can go on. The other person has no clue this is coming so it’s not very fair to make them do all the work.

If someone wants to do a collab with you but doesn’t have any concept at all, make sure you know what you’re getting into.

GinTama smug
why do I have a feeling you got it wrong?

1 – Have Fun

I just spent 4 points making collabs sound like vaguely menacing chores but if you just get those few things down, they can actually be very rewarding and so much fun. There are a number of series I’ve enjoyed considerably more because I got to watch the virtually with a review partner and pick them apart afterwards. There are topics I would never have dreamt of or dared to touch without a partner in crime.

Collabs are really fun and on of the cherished experiences I take away from the blog. Like parties. And like parties they can also be tedious.. so make sure you actually want to go so you don’t end up sitting in a corner wishing you were somewhere else.

So there you have it. As long as you know what you’re getting into, collabs can really be a wonderful way to switch things up on your blog and reinvigorate it. I strongly encourage you to try it out for yourself! For those of you that have, do you have any good tips?

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  1. *embarrassed incoherent noises* I’ve done most of the not too be done s with your Rin-san….
    I apologise terribly and also thank you very much.

  2. Well I have done a couple of collabs, and I can honestly say that they were some of the most fun moments I have had with blogging. I remember a certain collab with a certain person about a certain show that was just so much fun (Yeah….I also have NO idea what or who I am talking about 😂😂). Seriously though…collabs are amazing fun. And I loved our collab on Steins Gate. I can only hope we can do one again some day, hopefully with my health in a bit of a better state than it is right now. Oh…and where are my manners: This was a great post😊😊

  3. I haven’t done many collabs at all. I’d love to do more, but I’d be lying if I said my anxiety didn’t prevent me from reaching out to people.

    1. Me neither. I’m still working on my 1st site ever and it’s just 4 boosting myself in my dream career which might not even happen! :, (

        1. It’s really hard not 2. Everyone around me seems hesitant even 2 let me TRY 2 follow it. They won’t even let me practice singing at home!

      1. Well…all I can say is one of the most fun things about blogging is interacting with people. It might seem daunting at first (really…what do I have to say that might even be remotely interesting, and what if they don’t like what I have to say? (Yep…that is what I was thinkin when I first started out myself)). But trust me….so many people in this community are amazing, and helpful. So…keep having faith in yourself, and everything you do. You will see it will eventually get easier! 😊

    2. I can only second what Irina says here: You would be great at it😊 Anxiety can definitely be an obstacle for reaching out. But on the other hand I for one know many people who would love to work together with you on a collab (myself included), and would also not blame you for anything if things might take longer😊 So I guess all I am saying is: don’t be afraid to reach out 😊

      1. Thanks, Michel! That means a lot to me. You and Irina are awesome. I may just have to push through the anxiety and start reaching out soon. Collabs look like a great way to make new friendships or deepen some. 🙂 ♥

        1. It’s wonderful really, and a great way to practice being social! If you ever feel ready I will be first among the long line of bloggers who will want to take you up on it!

            1. It really does sound fun! If only I had a phone and/or camera…

        1. I don’t need them but they’d help me with my dream-career and certain other things… 4 1) they would make me feel less excluded and 2) It would let me record songs I sang with any band I ever have.

  4. Good timing. I just posted my first collab post last night…

    If only I’d seen this before… only joking, so far so good.

  5. I am both glad and horrified I collabed for the first time with you,dude.

    Glad because I learned the ropes and you were understanding, horrified at the many mistakes I made (such as forgetting to LINK you for the first hour the post was up)

    Thanks for the extra tips

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