Do you guys like Halloween. I do! I like it a lot. This isn’t saying much really. I like pretty much every holiday. I’m a very celebratory sort of person. Give me an excuse to decorate, dress up and eat – and I’m there! If I can sing as well, you’ll never get rid of me.

Unfortunately, not every holiday lends itself all that well to a blog treatment, but Halloween sure does. With it’s loose but well defined theme of all things spooky and creepy crawley, you can easily find a bevy of shows and post topics that fit the bill. Despite which, I usually stray off topic anyways… Look I try!

It’s in this spirit that I bring you the 2018 Countdown to Halloween. Tomorrow will be a Zombieland review (oooohhhh zombies…) and after that, I will attempt do do something Halloween like every day until the 31st. I hope you enjoy it!

In the meantime, I present for your consideration last year’s Countdown to Halloween posts! Maybe next year I can organize this as a group project.

Have a fun and terrifying time out there!

Assassination Classroom asano scary
what happened to you?

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  1. Love Hallowe’en so much that I sink into a depression when it’s over! Luckily I get to live all year round with a real-life vampire kitty (I’m not joking: my black cat has protruding canines which make him look very cool indeed!).

  2. I love Halloween. I used to always dress up for it when I was a younger and slimmer man, but I’m too much of an old hairy fatass for most costumes now, unfortunately, and I don’t have the time or skill to make my own! Still, the thought is there, and I’m playing some spooky games this month so that’s *almost* as good. Kind of.

      1. It’s not the “going out” part that’s the problem, it’s the “too fat” bit 🙂 still, the wife and I are taking steps to do something about that starting today, so maybe next year!

  3. Hm group project for Halloween huh? How about we make the Natsume: Book of Friends cult. We’ll make it a requirement for all member to give up their souls to that anime! Looking forward to them spooky things!

  4. Nice! Looking forward to this! I love Halloween! So any posts related to that: I’m in! 😊😊
    Also: that group project idea for next year sounds like a great idea! Definitely would be interested in joining that! 😊

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