Have you guys heard about this yet? There’s a new project going around the aniblogging community. Bloket-chan has created this neat project to get us all to learn a little about each other.

“Interview project.

Our main project is an interview project, in which fans of anime and/or other Japanese cultures can share their story as well as their viewpoint of the fandom they currently in. There are a lot of blog and website out there which did the same, but what makes us divergent is a different community itself. Here, rather than interviewing a random otaku, we focused to interview the bloggers and ask the topic related with their blog, which is the exact thing they love to discuss.”

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and what do you find attractive in a lady blogger?

This is such an awesome idea. I still have tons of questions about blogging and the community and it’s always great to see what my fellow bloggers think. I also love all the behind the scenes stuff about people’s experiences with their blogs.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Bloket-chan has in store for us.

The first interview is already out! Make sure to go check it out to learn all about Jon Spencer Review and the man behind the site. Jon Spencer covers a lot of different media and as such has been a part of many different fandoms. He’s also quite active both here on WordPress and on social media. I barely have time to watch anime and take showers so I’m dying to figure out how someone can balance al that.

If you want to help out or take part in this project, make sure to go check out b-c’s page here, and if you’re a little low on time at the moment, you can still enjoy the fun interviews.

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sadly, I would probably buy RUN magazine…


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  1. Ooh, this is interesting. I may write about games rather than anime and manga, but it’s all tied together, so I’d be up for participating in this.

    1. Irina is correct. Anybody who is in a fandom can participate. Currently, there is a bit of an anime focus since a lot of us are in that community but it would be very boring if that were the only topic we cared about XD

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