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Top 5 Anime Genres I Want to See More Of

Before I start this one, I just like to make it clear that I’m not saying there aren’t tons of animes in these genres, I’m just saying I haven’t seen tons and I’d love to see more. So please, don’t hesitate to suggest titles I may have missed. Please don’t suggest romances, I don’t know...


Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation or just Bones

Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation   Genre : Crime drama, procedural, mystery Episodes: 12 Studio: Troyca Sakurako Kujō is your average beautiful young woman in her twenties, with your average every day worries and pleasures. For instance, she worries that she will have to talk to other people since most of them are idiots and interacting with them...

Un-Go anime review 6


Genre: All of them Episodes: 11 Studio: Bones   In the not too distant future a slightly dystopian Japan is the grips of political unrest trying to right itself after a series of devastating terrorist attacks. Private detective Shinjuurou Yuuki makes his living trying to bring some law and order to these chaotic times with the help...