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Top 6 Anime that Made Me Cry

I couldn’t cut it down to 5. That’s How much of a crybaby I am! I guess I should preface this by letting you all know that I don’t necessarily cry when most people would. In general I am much more likely to cry at sappy or even happy moments then at sad ones. I’m...


Top 5 Anime Pets

I am in the mood for some good fluff. And you know what’s fluffy and fuzzy or sometimes scaly? Pets! I’m an animal lover and that extends to anime animals. Try saying that ten times fast! The thing about pets in anime is that half the time they aren’t really pets. They’re little fighting pocket...


My Roommate is a Cat a Tail of Grief and Love

  Genre : Slice of life, drama,  drama, cute Episodes : 12 Studio: Zero-G Subaru should be enjoying the prime of his life. His career as an author is picking up and he has dedicated fans who root for his success. His editor may be a bit needy but he truly cares about Subaru’s success and...