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Oh My Kami – Which Shrine should you Visit This New Year

I really like this post so I decided to report it this year. Next year I’ll update my shrine list! So a couple of days ago I did a post on Japanese Christmas tradition as a thinly veiled excuse to eat nothing but cake for a couple of days. That was a good decision. My...


Japan’s Fried Chicken Christmas Tradition

Many years ago, I taught you all how to bring a little Japanese touch to your Christmas celebration by baking your very own traditional Japanese Christmas Cake. This year, I figure it’s finally time to cover the rest of the meal. You can’t just eat cake, even if it is Christmas. Your tummy is gonna...


Halloween Candy in Japan

think the first question any normal person asks themselves when faced with the prospect of travelling to a marvellous place they have always wanted to visit is: What yummy food can I expect to ingest??? So naturally, if you are ever going to spend Halloween in Japan, you should really know about the candy!


Even Urban Legends are Scarier in Japan 2!

Every year I do an Even X is Scarier in Japan post during October: Even Urban Legends are Scarier in Japan Even Creepypastas Are Scarier in Japan Even Monsters are Scarier in Japan These are fun little posts in which I explore creepy Japanese fiction in all forms and share it with you. Because it’s...


I Just Wanna Talk About Tsukumogami

It’s what it says on the can folks.. It’s been a while since I took the time to write about Yokai and I just got a hankering for it all the sudden. By sheer coincidence, OWLS is doing folklore in honour of the Taylor Swift album as a theme this month and Yokai is one...


I Got Your Back! Japanese Hangover Cures

***I’m on vacation so this is a repost of one of my older posts – I hope some of you will still enjoy it! I should be back by the end of the week!*** Don’t worry I’ll be quiet… I’ll even try to tone down the brightness of this post for you. There, better? It’s...


Even Monsters are Scarier in Japan

Ok, I really need to get this out of the way first. I’m a bad blogger… That title is clickbait! Japan has a very rich tradition of supernatural creatures and assorted folklore and often times these so called monsters are fairly lovely folks. Certainly no worse than you see across European countries or the terrifying...


Halloween in Japan (Countdown to Halloween)

Happy October everyone. Ok, I’ll be straight with you: I’m writing this in September. Late September but still September. I just got excited and couldn’t wait to dive into the spookmonth posts! There are two things that I have grown to learn about Halloween. First is that most people who celebrated it, really like Halloween....


A Little Bit About The Shinsengumi

If you’ve watched enough anime (or pretty much any historical anime), you’ve most likely encountered the name Shinsengumi. They were a pivotal group in Japanese history and as such remain a popular subject of fiction and cultural fascination. But do you actually know who the Shinsengumi were?