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OWLS Blog Tour February 2019 – Best Beloved

OWLS are flying again! How are you all enjoying the 2019 tours so far? They’re great but you wish they had just a bit more Natsume? I hear you, and because I love you guys so much, I got you covered! 2nd Monthly Topic: “Adore” In February, we will be exploring love and romance. The...


July OWLS Tour – This One Is Going To Be A Challenge

Some of you may know that I’ve been trying to complete a full year of OWLs prompts using Natsume’s Book of Friends exclusively as a base for the essay. OWLS prompts tend to be fairly general so I thought this would be a breeze until I got a real test thrown my way.


Powerfully Vulnerable Natsume – OWLS June Tour

Hello everyone. It’s June and we are already halfway through my year of Nowltsume. Only 6 more of these posts and I’ll have reached my goal!. It’s been a lot harder than I would have thought when I started out. I’m relatively happy with how it’s going so far. For this month’s prompt, we have...


Natsume and the Myriad of Happiness – OWLS May Tour

You know what? I almost skipped this month. That’s so unlike me. Not only would skipping a month have ruined the symmetry of my monthly Natsume/Owls posts but you’d figure with a theme like “Happiness” I would have been all over it! It’s the perfect theme for Natsume’s Book of Friends and, let’s face it: it’s so...


OWLS Blog Tour January 2019 – Change is in the Air

I don’t know why exactly but I’ve been feeling great lately. Have you ever had that? Like a reverse virus. For some reason, one day you just wake up full of energy and happy. I find that as time goes by, this happens more and more often. But you know, I’m sure part of it...


OWLS Blog Tour March 2019 – Reiko&me

This is possibly a first for me. This month OWLS chose a topic I was a bit stumped by. Usually I’ll find a way to just prattle on about any given subject with very little difficulty but this one…it was a doozy. Do you like my attempt at burying the lead? As if it’s not...

Natsume's Book of Friends season 3 anime review 23

OWLS Blog Tour – What Anime Creator is Irina Thankful For?

I’ve been out of the OWLS game for a while. Did you know that OWLS stands for Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect? It’s cute, isn’t it? When I joined, I thought it would be a chance to cooperate with some amazing and talented authors on anime centric takes of issues of inclusivity and acceptance....


December OWLS Tour – Natsume and the Small Miracles All Around Us

I have been thinking about it. I really have. Sadly, I still haven’t found anything better than Nowltsume… I’ll keep working on it. Have you been following the OWLS tours this year? We’ve had a lot of new members. It really is a completely different group from when I started a year ago. I’m starting...


OWLS Bog Tour – Small Steps in Sket Dance

I didn’t manage to take part in last month’s OWLS tour as I’ve always struggled discussing music and I’m sort of glad I sat out. My OWLS companions’ posts would have put me to shame… Mind you, the fact that I’m surrounded by intimidatingly talented boggers has never really bothered me before. Which is why...


OWLS Blog Tour – The Incomparable Beauty of Friendship

Are OWLS ever going to take a breather? It’s already March (where did the time go???), we have already had three 2018 OWLS tours and they have all been fantastic. Have you all been following them? I’m not the only one impressed right? I should probably stop gushing at the beginning of these posts since...