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Cinderella Nine episode 11 – Almost Over

Okay guys, we’re in the home stretch…I think that’s a baseball expression. If it’s not, just humour me. Yay, Sports!  Hey Matt, Hey Matt, we only have one more episode to go! What do you think about that? I think that’s the best thing I’ve heard all day! (Okay that was a bit harsh…)


I Trick Matt Into Watching Cinderella Nine episode 1

You know, it’s been an unspoken goal of this blog to get Matt converted to Sports! anime. And by unspoken, I mean I talk about it all the time. So when Matt announced that he was slowing down just a little bit on the blogging, I figured it was the perfect occasion to lay the...


My Top 5 Ways To Combat the Blogging Blues

Most people that have had a blog for any amount of time, tend to be familiar with the blogging blues. Those moments of apathy or frustration against our own hobby that can make the experience less enjoyable. Sometimes we have good reasons for catching the blues. Other times they just come up out of nowhere...


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