I might as well have called this week’s post “Irina is wrong about everything” and I have never been so happy about that. To Your Eternity was great this week. I teared up…because I was happy! I never ever thought this show would make me do that.

When I reviewed episode 1 of To Your Eternity, I mentioned that I knew how things were going to go. I knew because I had read the beginning of the manga. And since then, I’ve been pretty confident that I knew where things were heading. Little details surprised me, sure. And the mysteries of Fushi’s nature are still not completely clear to me but as far as the general narrative beats go, there weren’t really many curveballs. Things progressed as I generally thought they would.

In fact, I would say the only truly surprising moment for me so far, was the first time we encountered the enemy. That threw me off quite a bit and I remembered the scene transfixed me. My mind also kept going back to it over and over again. But other than that, everything was going according to plan. In a good way.

That’s why I absolutely knew how this episode was going to play out as well. Fushi and Gugu would have a terrible fight with the enemy, and Gugu would be killed in the altercation. Or maybe they would just barely make it out alive and Gugu would succumb to injuries a little later after giving a heartfelt speech and maybe telling Rean he loves her. And I would cry. And Fushi would learn the agony of losing another bit of his family. Maybe we would cry together this time. It was obviously exactly what would happen.

And then…it didn’t happen. Not at all! Not only did Gugu survive, but he’s also actually the one who saved the day. My poor confused and bitter little Gugu made it out alive AND a hero. OMG. Also, he got to confess and it was cute and he told Rean’s parents off and it was satisfying. And he made peace with Booze man.. and.. I’m happy you guys. I’m just really happy.

And apparently, he also stuck to his workout routine.

Of course, there’s trouble brewing. I still see the presence of the creator as a bad omen. Just as bad as the enemy really. For the first time, the narrator at the beginning of the episode expressed a clear moral stance and I realized that it was clearly the creator talking. I should have, he has a very distinctive voice. But that also makes me question everything I’ve learned from the narrator. I took it as fact but I’m no longer sure how reliable it is now!

To Your Eternity has been really good about peppering the episodes with tiny bits of lore and explanations about Fushi and the rules this universe plays by. And it has done so with minimal expositing which is impressive. So this week’s big Fushi reveal is that he ages? That means he’s not simply recreating a static image of a being at the time of death. It’s an actual functional clone. A complete and independent system. Oh boy, the delicious questions that brings up.

For instance, does that mean Fushi, or at least his vessels, can die of old age? Cause wolves live like 10 to 14 years and I’m not sure how old Joaan was when he first took the form but there’s no way it can stick around as long as the rest of them if we’re going by natural lifespan.

It also sort of implies that Fushi can turn into a teenage March now, right? or like tweenage. she must have been 7 or 8 at the time, so she would be around 12 or 13 now. Kids change a lot in that span, I’m really curious what she looks like.

I know things are about to get rough again but they got back to the brewery. Fushi learned to cook. Gugu got to see the girl he loved for years. They became a family and they have a home. I was wrong about everything and I’m so glad.

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  1. Aww, I loved the happy ending. It’s probably provisory, but it’s great. I didn’t know what to expect from this episode. I didn’t actually expect Gugu to die in that encounter. That would have been an interruption of the dramtic arc. I still think the ring will make a come-back. I didn’t expect a timeskip, but with a timeskip things make sense.

    Fushi aging is his forms is interesting. I suspect the boy form ages the fastest because he spends the most time in it? Can a form die of oldage? What does that make of “memory”, which is definitely a theme. Can he revert? Are memories stored in things other than the form? I’m not sure I can articulate my hunch-question very well, but I’m intrigued.

    Also I loved the scene:

    Fushi to Gugu: Run and don’t come back. I’ll be angry. I’ll bite you.
    Gugu: Sure bite me, I’ll be back. *Runs; comes back; defeats antagonist; holds rock fushi*
    Wolf Fushi: *Bites Gugu*

    You have to keep a promise, don’t you. I think I nearly laughed out loud.

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