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I wrote my part of the Given finale episode review yesterday. I always do that first to give Karandi enough time to add her opinions before I format and finish the post. You can read it over here. And if you did read it you may understand why I’m saying this now: I’m still humming that ED song!!! This is getting ridiculous.

Like I said in my review, I wasn’t ready to let Given go and that has manifested in just all the screencaps. It’s my way of capturing the episode forever. You say I can just rewatch it anytime on Crunchy? I saw, don’t worry about it! Look at all these screencaps:

I want to talk about my header gif for a minute. There were a lot of gifable moments this episode.I could have just created a gif gallery this week. But when it came to narrowing it to just one, I simply couldn’t resist the adorably creepy Haruki taking stalker pics of Kaji sleeping on his couch. It’s a throwback to my gif from the episode 5 gallery which happens to be one of my favourite gifs ever. My legacy will be weird out of context stalker gifs.

Anywho, let’s talk about this opening sequence. It was awesome! Like super awesome. I like that cool Ueno is a little more saturated than the rest. His hair and t-shirt are blacker because cool people always stand out even when they aren’t doing anything!

Also this is my favourite moment of romantic realization. Dinosaurs! Perfect!

I didn’t get a pic of them hugging Haru… Too bad! Hair style really does change a person a lot and that is so obvious on Haru this week. I barely recognized him in that first shot. Oh and I love a radon stick in his bum, I do that with my hair all the time. Nice visual detailing.

I like how both Kaji and Haru look so surprised when opening their door. Don’t they ever get guests at all? Potentially for the first time, Haru looks better than Kaji. More detailed and better proportioned.

Once again, even though it was a fin and happy scene, I’m struck by how dark Kaji’s house is.

And look at the sky. There’s 3 different types of blue in there and the same fluffy clouds as last week.

Ueno is adorable. That’s all.

I remember the first time we saw Hiiragi. I thought he looked so menacing. Now he’s just funny looking although I also think he looks good with Mayu. I actually have always thought that. His face and eye shape are similar but not identical to Mayu’s and of all the boys around him, I actually think he looks best with Hiiragi at his side and worst with Yuki who was too angular and contrasted too much. I have no clue what I’m talking about. I just think they look great oin that 3rd cap.

Ueno looks very odd in that bottom image. Something went a bit screwy with that angle.

Was that carpet always there in Mayu’s room? It looks so cozy and comfy. This is completely different from the cold and uninviting we’ve seen up until now.

Kaji looks amazing up there!

Because the episode was such a lighthearted cap to the series and it was structured almost like a series of vignettes, the light was fairly neutral and consistent throughout to tie everything together but not get in the way.

So why the winter jackets? I’m Canadian so I was all for it (in fact I would call those spring jackets) but it was still a bit weird. Are parkas hot now? I mean hotter?

Haru’s troubled and that sky looks particularly grey against his bright yellow shirt.

The festival that Mayu and Ueno stumble onto looks almost like an oasis in the dark night. There’s something magical about those lights and colours!

It was just a minute or so but those stills strewn together at the end of the episode, showing how life goes on and even gets better made me tear up a bit. Yes  I tear up easily so it’s not that big a deal… Still it was a great ending sequence to cap off a surprisingly strong season.


And of course, no episode of Given would be complete.. One more time with feeling:

Given ep11-6 (4)



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