I’ve warned all of you before! Anime exhaustion is real, and it can strike at any time! Fortunately, I’ve only ever suffered from real mild cases myself and the symptoms passed within 24 hours, but even that was grueling. I can only imagine what long term bouts could feel like.

Thankfully, there are some at home remedies that can snap you back into shape, should the dreaded condition ever hit you. I suggest applying any or all of these as soon as you feel the first signs of anime exhaustion and continuing the treatment until at least one full week after symptoms subside.

In case this is your first time on my blog, we have a rule here. Never ever take anything Irina says seriously!

byori vacation
but how’s the WiFi?

5. Take an anime vacation

What do we do when we need to get reenergized no matter the cause, well we take a vacation of course. Wait, did you think I meant a vacation from anime? No no.. who would ever want to do that? I mean one of those anime themed vacations where you go see all the real world locations from one of your favourite shows.

You need to get a whole bunch of background screencaps handy so you can take those pictures that compare the anime to the real thing. Some places even have planned tours for anime fans. So you should definitely do that. Take a bajillion pictures and then post all the comparaisons. I live for those posts! If you don’t have a blog, just send them to me. It will make my day!

You will be pouring over every new anime season to find your next travel destination before you know it.

hobby sleepping
good hobby!

4. Combine your leisure time

Get a hobby to works hand in hand with your anime watching. You say you have an anime blog and that’s what’s exhausting you in  the first place? Pish tosh! I bet when the blog was all new and you had to learn everything from scratch, you were super excited about it. It’s probably just too easy now.

So I say, add another one. Illustrate your own posts with detailed, full colour illustrations of the show you are talking about. Recreate the soundtrack and you better not take the easy road by playing a synthesizer instead of learning all the instruments. Naturally you are going to have to work of your sewing and makeup skills, but that goes without saying.

I also think we don’t have enough anime acrobats. Sure you can fake those super moves with clever editing on insta, but you don’t need to fake stuff do you. You’ll hit the gym until you can do it for real, right?

MHA baku
oh good…

3. Challenge yo’ self

Like with the above point, basically things get boring when they are no longer challenging. Now that you’re familiar with the linguistic eccentricities and peculiar tropes of anime, I bet a lot of that seductive mysterious aura has drained away. Now, every 3 months it’s been there, done that…

Well how about completely blowing up the age old dub vs sub debate by choosing none of the above! (Just made it to the second line!) It’s really about time you learned fluid conversational Japanese anyways. So what are you waiting for, go! And don’t you dare turn off that screen until you can comfortably order a pizza in Japan while choosing your own toppings (on the phone!). You can already do that? You’ve been living in Japan for over a decade? While fine then, watch anime in Portuguese, or German!

Wait, you speak English, Japanese, German and Portuguese? Well respect, dude! Seems like you really got it figured out. Why would you ever take advice from me?

anime cosplying
next I have that loan interview at the bank

2. Cosplay every day (air horn)

You know what they say, out of sight, out of mind. Well you simply need to make sure anime is never too far out of sight by becoming part of it. And what better real world anime implication is there than cosplay.

It’s important not to wimp out here and go for some very subdued, could just be your street close kind of cosplay. I’m talking full on Final Fantasy costume including all the accessories and weaponry. You may need to get a few special licenses.

I will give you a pass on wigs because those things can really give you a headache but you have to color and style your hair appropriately for the role. It’s ok if the length doesn’t quite match up.

You’ll soon be longing to be surrounded by your own and you won’t be able to wait until your next anime dive.

passion main
too much passion – abort, abort!

1. Shared passion

All of these points are ridiculous and clearly jokes but I did keep one piece of actual advice for you. Very few things can revive our passions for a subject, quite like someone else’s passion. Talk to fans. Not the obsessed fandoms who are busy nitpicking over details, not the jaded gatekeepers how have seem way too much anime to remember any of it.

Talk to the newbs or the evernewbs (like me). The wide eyed goofy kids that still think everything is amazing and wonderful and aren’t cool enough to pretend otherwise. That’s the people who will remind you what was so special about this crazy anime world in the first place.

Or chat with me! In the comments if you like 😉


20 thoughts

  1. About ten minutes of the All Trump All The Time TV News Channel (as forced upon me 3x a week more or less by a certain waiting room) sends me running for the comfort of nice, friendly anime where all baddies are reasonably easy to chop up, bespell, or befriend and everyone is my friend. 😀 I can’t exactly recommend this method, but it’s sure to work.

  2. My secret technique is to never have the time to actually watch everything I want to watch. Admittedly, it’s a plan with a few drawbacks.

  3. Certified that these tricks work: I read, game, lift and do martial arts. I also watch other stuff – just be mindful you’re not watching stuff that’s so good (like First Man) that it diminishes your anime!

  4. Anime burnout is a real thing, and I suffered from it for years till ReZero fixed it.

    I always suggest taking a season or so off every year to just relax, take stock and so on. Those shows will still be there when you get back.

  5. Would playing an anime screenshot game work, I wonder? Let me try:

    Non Non Biyori – Hard one: Chuunibyou? – I don’t know, nobody does, it’s too hard (MHA) – Date a Live – Kakegurui – Kyoukai no Kanata

    Did it work?

    >.< I didn't have anime exhaustion.


    Seriously, if you're watching lots of anime of one type, you might try to poke around outside of your comfort zone: unusual genres, older anime… Who knows what you'll find?

    1. That’s actually great advice.
      And you’re right, it is Chuunibiyou. Is that you’re when in doubt pick?

      1. Nah, my first association was actually K-ON, but something seemed off, but I was fairly certain that’s the Kyo-Ani style, and then I thought two things: hairstyle and someone who likes to sleep. Chuunibyou was the only thing that fit all three. I really wasn’t certain, though (especially, since I thought the hair was a tad lighter).

          1. Wrong hair. Also not quite the style (I know Hyouka a little better due to a series of blog posts on the “Mage in a Barrel” blog, that dug into the visuals of that show.)

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