Monthly Archive: December 2018


I Still Drank and Watched Anime in 2018

Friends, readers lovers of colours and cuteness. Can you believe this is the second one of these I get to write? I can’t…or rather, to be perfectly honest, I never really thought about it that much. When I wrote my first introspective year end post, I had a passing idea that it would be fun...


Tsurune Episode 10 – Giving it Another Shot

Genre: Drama; Sports; School Studio: Kyoto Animation We’re actually rounding up the last few episodes of Tsurune (already? this sow has flown by for me) and a few themes are becoming quite obvious. One is the Power of Friendship which, well duh, it is at least in theory a sports anime. But this has been tempered...


Character Studies and Drunken Anime

Hello everyone. I hope you are all enjoying your holidays. I hope I am as well. It’s very early December at the moment. I think I should be putting up my Christmas tree soon. I’ve decided to deviate from my regularly planned programming today to talk to you about….my regularly planned programming. Or more specifically...


Top 5 Otaku Resolutions

I don’t really make new year’s resolutions, I just pick up things as they come along. I do really like the general idea though. There’s something commendable about a society choosing to make self-improvement into a celebrated tradition. It’s sweet if a little silly. I mean you don’t have to wait until January 1st… What...


Would You Make a Good Anime Character?

I’m back asking the important questions! Have you ever asked yourself in fact, if you ever got magically transported to your favourite anime universe, would you be an interesting character. A fan favorite? Would the audience hate you or worse, ignore you?


How is Taishou Mebiusline: Chicchai-san Like Irina?

Genre: Short, supernatural, action, historical, hoyay, romance(?) Episodes: 12 Studio: Studio A-CAT If you are the type to skip to the end, you’ll have noticed that I have “drink whenever you wonder what the heck is going on” as part of the drinking game…. Spoilers for this review, the synopsis is going to be the...


Hopes and Dreams (12 days)

That’s a pretty vague title isn’t it. Looking at it now, it even seems a little ominous to me. Weird no?  I mean their all nice words and I know I don’t have anything bad to say. Yet it still sends a chill down my spine. Like I’ve just raised a flag or something… Ok...


Encore! Irina and Crow in Zombieland (Saga) one last time

It’s all come down to this. Last episodes hae quite a bit weight on their shoulders. Maybe unfairly, a story can be redeemed or destroyed in those last few moment. All season long, Crow and I have been feeding off each other’s gleeful enthusiasm. Will it be sustained ll the way to the end? Find...


A Warm Thank You to my Anime Role Models

Some of my more astute may have picked up on this, but I’m sort of a kid at heart. And at mind. So, when I watch anime, I tend to experience it like kids do. As an immersive, interactive experience. I don’t simply observe it, vicariously living out an adventure through the characters on screen....