Daily Archive: May 27, 2018

MegaloBox Ep 8 anime review 5

MEGALOBOX Ep 8 – Stranger Bedfellows

Genre : Cyberpunk, Sports!, action, cool Studio: TMS Entertainment Another week, another good episode of Megalobox. I’m not going to lie, I was getting rather disenchanted by this series for a while there but these last few weeks have revived my enthusiasm for this show. I still think it’s occasionally overhyped and has a tendency...

A Record of Grancrest War Ep 20 anime review 12

A Record of Grancrest War Ep 20 – Hold the Line

Genre : Fantasy, Adventure, action, political Studio: A-1 Pictures So who else has played Mass Effect? Did you think of that speech instantly? You know, Captain Kirrahe’s stirring address to the Salarian troops just before their attack on Saren’s lab. It was such an unlikely character for this type of scene but it worked so...