Uma Musume: Pretty Derby! Episode 1 & 2 – Anime QandA Review (Collab with Irina!

You know what’s better than writing posts about anime? Getting someone whose talent you admire to write most of them for you. No one tell Matt he’s being tricked!

Somehow, I got Matt to agree to a full season collaboration with me where I get to sit back and feed off his skill and creativity for weeks on end and all I have to do in exchange is watch an anime about cute horse girls… Wait, oh no, did I get duped again? It’s normal when someone asks for your social security number before a collab, right?

So for our first post, we’ll be covering the two fist episodes of Pretty Derby!, well Matt will be, I’ll be asking occasionally snarky questions. Here we go!


I'm much nicer than I seem, we should be friends!

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10 Responses

  1. Dawnstorm says:

    Trivia: “Eclipse first, the rest nowhere.”

    Famous quote about racehorse Eclipse who retired because he was much too successful (as no-one was betting on anyone else when he started). He became a stud, and via Sunday Silence became the progenitor of both Silence Suzuka and Special Week.

    Information brought to you courtsey of the wikipedia pages of Elicpse and Sunday Silence.

  2. Chizurue says:

    I knew it! Heh.. I knew this collab was just around the corner.

  3. Auri says:

    Collabs collabs everywhere!

    I’m turning green.

  4. Well, if he asked for your Social Security Number then I assume those pay cheques will start rolling in soon, right? ;p Lol!

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